White Tube



“White Tube”
3D printing was used as a new technology for manufacturing these joints. It was fun to design it using a circle packing method out of curiosity and create joint shapes that were slightly different from one another. The tube reflects blue lights at night and casts a dappled shadow as a piece of relief in Roppongi, Tokyo.

->> MIDTOWN SUMMER 2016 and 2017 [ASHIMIZU]


Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi, Tokyo, 2016 and 2017




There are fewer relaxation spots in Roppongi, the heart of Tokyo; however Tokyo Midtown, a mixed-use landmark tower, has a garden and a stream for city people. We put our feet in the water for relaxation and recovery from exhaustion. The activity is called Ashiyu when you put your feet in hot water and Ashimizu when you put your feet in cool water. Tokyo Midtown allows citizens to enjoy Ashimizu in the summertime.

The first thing we thought about was a lack of boundary. The stream has no roof and wall separating the garden so people hesitate to sit down and put their feet in the water at the heart of the city. To create a catalyst for removing these hesitations, we create a boundary between the stream and the garden.

The boundary is a tunnel built with lightweight circles. To pack circles along the 3-dimensional form, we applied a circle packing algorithm. Each joint between circles has a different shape.  We converged on 11 shapes from thousands of shapes and printed them with a 3D printer.

The white tunnel is designed to breathe and allow light to pass through. That means it doesn’t work as a sunshade in the summertime. However, the boundary allows people to relax and enjoy Ashimizu.