Green ray

– 緑の長屋 –
– Breathing New Life into an Old Neighborhood–

Green Ray


The city of Taichung is located in central Taiwan. Compared to Taipei, Taichung is filled with easygoing people, a tranquil atmosphere, and an abundance in nature that makes it a comfortable place to live.The elderly talked to me in polite Japanese and many young people who are conscious of the turbulent birth of Taiwan enliven the city’s alleys and parks.


日本統治化時代に建造された組積造2階建てのその長屋一帯(全長80m 奥行15m)は、いわゆるBOT方式の開発を模索されていました。
これに地元の若手デベロッパーが賛同してくださり、Green Rayがスタートしたのです。

The center of the city, once considered a dangerous area, held row houses that lodged public officials and were left to decay.
Built in the era when Taiwan was under Japanese rule, the two-story row houses (80 m in length, 15 m depth) were an exploration of the development of the B.O.T. (Build Operate and Transfer) system.
I instinctively felt as though these segmented houses could be loosely connected and transformed into a facility providing art and culture within its alleys.
With the approval and help of local young developers, the Green Ray project was able to move forward.


Remnants of charm could be found within these abandoned row houses such as trees growing within the walls, nicely finished tiled interior, and clearances between the houses.
Because there were no existing drawings for the housing, we began surveying the area.
In order to clearly understand which parts needed to remain and which to dispose of, we conducted a data entry of the existing architecture using B.I.M. (Building Information Modeling).
We held a presentation which instantly visualized the space in conjunction with the design for future tenants and stakeholders.
We also shared our BIM data with construction staff and interior designers.
By making use of our existing construction in the virtual world, we were able to display a rough summary of the project all the way up to its finer details.


Green RayはSNSでたちまち拡散され、台中の若者の人気デートスポットへと急変したことでエリア自体の治安が改善し、近隣にも出店が増え、周辺地価も数倍に上昇しました。

The newly constructed second floor deck plays the role of the alley which is our concept.
The deck has a narrow part of the sidewalk and open-air space.
By making a different flow line from the deck on the first floor or making direct way to the second floor of the existing tenant house from the deck offer a maze-like experience to its visitors.
Spread by social media, Green Ray has quickly turned into a dating hotspot for young couples and safety within the area has also improved.
Furthermore, the number of locally owned shops has increased, and local land prices has also risen several times.
The Taichung Government has accredited Green Ray as a building with the most improved living space within the city.