Three wall

–青森県立美術館 10周年記念プロジェクション・マッピング–
–Aomori Museum of Art 10th Anniversary Projection Mapping
Three Walls


The Aomori Museum of Art is known for its majestic, white curved contours.
The exterior consists of three staggered layers that support a large horizontal eave in the front.
When viewed from particular vantage points, the projection mapping creates one large continuous visual canvas from these three layers.
We planned to have visitors gather in therecommended observation area in the parking lot to enjoy the show. However, since the museum is surrounded by abundant nature, we designed the visuals so that they can be enjoyed from multiple vantage points, making it fun to casually view from other directions.


We received special permission from the Aomori Museum of Art to utilize artworks in their collection, including pieces by Marc Chagall, Kojin Kudo, and Shiko Munakata.
Moreover, the city also permitted us to use artwork from the Nebuta Festival, which appeared together with the other works to create a single visual piece.
Works inside the museum were brought outdoors for the show, depicting a scene with the Nebuta artwork parading through nature.


In order to sync the projection to the three layers, we first created a three-dimensional model of the museum.
We set up multiple viewing points in a virtual three-dimensional space, then installed projection equipment and began creating the visuals with three- dimensional renderings.
We created a 1/50 scale model of the museum within the facility,and repeatedly experimented using three small projectors.
We had to make many changes to account for the February snowfall, scrambling to prevent freezing and condensation of equipment within the temporary storage tower.
We were beyond thankful to those that braved the weather and watched the 10th anniversary proceedings.


青森県立美術館 2017.2    Aomori Museum of Art February 2017