Wonderfruit 2019

Fragility by Archicomplex
Instagram @fernfeifeii
This is the first Wonder Fruit participation work by Archi Complex and the only Wonder Fruit participation work in Japan. “Fragility”, an art installation made with bamboo, is a maze-like installation that combines the Japanese ideology of sustainability with the festivity of Wonderfruit.
The installation invites Wonderers tond escape into the maze a slowly absorb the beauty of nature,
and at the same time questioning the fragility of our environment.
The idea of this installation comes from the thought that our environment is actually more fragile than we think.
Instagram @jaeytaa
Things appear and disappear; some are reversible and some are not.
As humans in this day and age, we should not only take good care of our environment,
but also enjoy the most of it before it is too late.
We are trying to convey this ideology of both taking care of the environment and enjoying it by creating a pop up installation made by bamboo that is painted in an environmentally friendly paint and arranged in a spiral form. From outside the whole installation might look like a complete circle, a simple form that anyone can expect. Once visitors start to walk inside, they will realize that the whole installation is not a perfect spiral, as some parts are missing, some parts might disappear, some are slanted, etc., which reflects the natural condition of our environment. On the first day, bamboo will be fully covered with paint, but as the time passes, the paint will start to wear out and a hidden message will show up.